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Better Faster Stronger Science

Test your athletic performance to see how you rank against the best

Then work on a training plan to beat them!

BFSS is bringing the world of professional sports science to you

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Where Do You Rank?

In today’s competitive sports, good enough is no longer good enough. You need to be at the top. Not just among your school, your team or your city. The competition is national. But if you don’t know exactly where you rank among your peers, how will you know what you need to get to the next level?

With Better Faster Stronger Science, you can know exactly where you rank against your peers. You test your athletic ability in core areas such as power, speed, endurance, and more to see how your scores measure up. Then we come up with a training plan that works with your strengths and weaknesses to boost your scores and maximize your athletic potential.

Are you ready to become elite? We’ve worked with college, professional, and Olympic athletes. This is how they do it in the big leagues.

How does Better Faster Stronger Science work?

Step 1: Test Your Performance

Perform a gauntlet of activities designed to measure every aspect of your athletic performance using the latest sports science technology. This is one test you’ll love to take.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Potential

Get a detailed breakdown of your performance scores compared to your peers on the same tests. You’ll know exactly how you measure up to the competition and where you need to improve.

Step 3: Become Your Best

Armed with your scores, we develop a comprehensive training plan to maximize your strengths and boost your weaknesses. Re-test to track your progress until you hit your full potential.

What We Test:

Reactive Strength

How your muscles perform during quick changes of pushing and pulling

Elastic Strength

How your muscles perform when pushing in a single direction

Maximal Strength

The maximum force your muscles can produce


Your overall explosiveness

Acceleration and Speed

Your top sprint speed and velocity


Your ability to move and change direction


Your aerobic fitness

Return to Sport

A series of tests to assess your ability to safely return to practice or play after an injury

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Get to Know Dr. Tom Tardif

Dr. Tom Tardif is committed to helping the athletes of Minnesota to reach their full potential by bringing them the best advancements in sports science. As a Physical Therapist, he’s worked with thousands of athletes, alongside their trainers and coaches, to heal their injuries and get them back to their game through optimizing their body mechanics.

With Better Faster Stronger Science, you can take advantage of that expertise to evaluate all the ways you move and develop a comprehensive plan to improve your performance.

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How Does Your Team Perform?

As a coach, you know the importance of having good data. Go beyond the stat sheets with Better Faster Stronger Science to measure the performance of every athlete on your team. See the strengths and weaknesses—and the opportunities—of each player so you know what to expect and where to push. With custom training plans, you’ll get more out of practice and workouts, and you can track individual progress over time. You need the best data to be the best coach. Having better performing players doesn’t hurt, either.