Postural Therapy is a process that aims at inhibiting patterns that have lead to asymmetrical movement and rest positions.

What does that actually mean??

As we live our lives our brains try to learn patterns about everything that we do to create a seamless process in which we have ways to execute a task. This learning takes place over the course of repetitions of the same task. This in attempt to conserve energy and is why certain things we can do on autopilot like driving home from work the same way each day. 

However, with our brain's attempt to conserve energy often times we create patterns that lead to ineffiecient movement and postural patterns than put stress on our bodies and our nervous system. This can lead to pain, tension, anxiety, trouble with sleep, brain fog, breathing issues, and much more. 

Where do I start?

All programs start with a comprehensive evaluation in which together we determine that positioning of your body and how that is impacting the symptoms you are experiencing. This first session is between 1.5-2 hours because we need to evaluate from head to toe and ensure that you have an understanding of what is truly going on with your body. This time allows for a thorough assessment, discussion about what do do about it, and some actionable steps to take to start getting back to the life you want to live!

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