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Bring Balance to Your Body

Is pain holding you back from doing everything you want to do? Are you missing games, practices, workouts, or competitions due to injuries that just won’t seem to heal?  Are you trying to stay fit and healthy but the back pain or next tightness or joint aches keep flaring up?  Have you tried everything to fix it without success?  The problem may not be what you think.

Pain in one area of your body is often caused by a deficiency in another area, just as your bike handlebars might wobble from a misalignment in your tire.  As long as you only treat what hurts, you’ll never truly solve the problem.  At Dr. Tom Tardif Physical Therapy, I examine your whole body to find the true source of your pain and help you put every part of your body into balance.  When you’re running smoothly, you feel better, move better, and perform better.

At Dr. Tom Tardif Physical Therapy in Alexandria, MN we specialize in treating the following problems:

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Back Pain

Don’t let back pain keep you from an active, energetic life when we have simple, natural solutions

TMJ Pain

Finally get real relief from the debilitating pain of TMJ problems

Neck Pain

Ease the pain of a stiff, limited neck and recover your full range of activity

Hip and Pelvic Pain

Loosen up your tight, painful hips to rediscover comfort in rest and freedom in movement

Knee Pain

Fix your achy, injured knees so you can get back to living and moving at full speed.

Step 1: Listen

You’re a unique individual, and that requires more than a cookie-cutter diagnosis and treatment.  First, I listen to your specific history, struggles, needs, and goals so you get a plan that works with your lifestyle to get you where you want to go.

Step 2: Measure

Whether you want to relieve pain or increase your performance, you need to know exactly how you measure up in every area.  Using the latest technology, I create a detailed map of your body and performance so you can see what’s causing your pain and where you need to improve.

Step 2: Measure

Step 3: Integrate

Getting rid of pain and weakness for good requires getting below the surface symptoms to fix the true causes.  Once we’ve identified the problem, we work on a plan that integrates all aspects of your health and movement to transform your body into a balanced, well-oiled machine.

The Path to Better Health

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Get to Know Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom started Dr. Tom Tardif Physical Therapy to bring truly holistic care to the athletes and active people of Alexandria.  Many healthcare practitioners say they are holistic but only ever treat you within their narrow specialty.  As part of the Applied Integration Institute, Dr. Tom is committed to helping his patients find total wellness and high performance in every aspect of their health.  That’s why he works directly with personal trainers, coaches, dentists, optometrists, and other experts to get complete, lasting results for patients even when traditional treatments have failed.  He especially loves helping athletes return to their sport and improve their performance through the advanced testing and training of his Better, Faster, Stronger Science program.

Tom Tardif

Founder, PT, DPT

Hear what people like you in Alexandria, MN are saying about Tom Tardif Physical Therapy

"I have had many sports related injuries and unfortunately resulting surgeries from playing sports. Dr. Tom Tardif has completely changed my perspective on the importance and results of using a highly talented physical therapist. Tom has about every designation a person in this field is able to obtain. His knowledge is quite comprehensive.. He helped me fully recover from rotator cuff surgery and knee injury. I have also benefited from Tom’s tips on improving my posture. I highly recommend Dr. Tom Tardif."
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Chris A.
"Dr. Tardif is a miracle worker, and I don't say that lightly. His work has changed my life, eliminated chronic pain and set me up for a much improved quality of life. I had no idea how badly my body was imbalanced, and how those imbalances caused all the chronic pain I had; I thought it was just something I was going to have to live with. I'm so grateful for his care and what he's done for me."
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Kate S.
"Debilitating shoulder pain brought me to Dr Tom Tardif. Little did I know that my chronic heel, low back, hip, SI joint, and neck pain were also going to improve after I started going to Resonance. It turns out, all the above-mentioned areas that were experiencing pain improved significantly after some sessions with Dr. Tom. His integrative work with a dentist and eye doctor has also contributed to the success (yes, that was kind of mind-blowing for me too)."
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Pam K.

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